In Harmony With Nature

Growing the most wholesome and flavoursome Irish Fresh Fruit sustainably is what Clarke’s is all about.

Caring for the Environment

We are an Irish food company with long established management structures which implement continual sustainability initiatives. Our challenge is to provide quality food for the consumer while protecting our natural resources.

We are verified members of the Bord Bia Origin Green National Sustainability development programme. This is a voluntary programme which enables food producers to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets which reduce environmental impact.

We have consistently planned and executed significant commitments in this area towards employee welfare and in relation to growing, harvesting and marketing the crops.

Key Achievements

  • Excellent plant husbandry is a daily routine. A computer controlled irrigation and fertigation system ensures each plant receives an optimum amount of water and nutrients with zero waste
  • Upgrading to a table top growing system in “Cosy Tunnels” improves working conditions and lessens the environmental impact
  • The implementation of additional tooling for heat sealing in the packing plant has reduced the amount of packaging being used significantly. We have successfully introduced an open punnet made from re-cycled corrugated cardboard
  • An integrated pest management programme with natural pollination and biological pest control is implemented
  • The newly arrived Natutec Drive machine disperses mites and insects which are the natural solution to pest management. Those beneficial predators control pests that attack the crops in particular the foliage and cause damage to the tender blossoms
  • The installation of solar panels and a heat recovery system from the cold rooms in a new packing facility provides superior energy efficiency
  • All waste materials are re-cycled carefully and effectively
  • Natural Wildlife Management is a “daily delight”. Trees and hedgerows are home to a variety birds, bees and butterflies
  • Growing for over 60 years

Check out the Natutec Drive in action on our Farm




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